Offsite Backup

Protecting you against viruses, theft, environmental impact, hardware failure, and human error, our Beyond Backup service encrypts and stores your data securely.

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Offsite Backup

Unlike providers that host data in security centers across Europe and the US, our secure UK storage facility ensures that your data is safeguarded by UK data protection laws.

We do not rent offsite storage, we own our own; closing potential security loops and ensuring your private data remains private. Our secure facility is staffed by DBS (CRB) approved staff, and is only accessible to our directors.

Even in the most extreme scenarios, our commitment to security ensures that your, and your clients’ data, is 100% safe and secure.

UK Based

All secure data is safeguarded by the UK’s stringent data protection laws.

Fast Access

Mission critical data can be accessed by our directors in an emergency.

Secure Location

Data is encrypted and stored at an undisclosed site, within an hour of central London.